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Some of the Integrity clients include, NASA, Sony, Exxon/Mobil, TropWorld Casino, St. Barnabas Health Care System, Neuman Health Services, Foxwoods Resort Casino, Microsoft, Novartis, Adventis, Johnson & Johnson, Panasonic USA, Roadway Package Systems, Verizon, AT&T, Allen & Company, Vonage Holdings Co., BIO-Technology General Corporation, WM. Wrigley Jr. Company, United States Postal Service, Hilton Hotels, to name a few.

Integrity created a program for the Government of Kuwait to select and acquire technical surveillance equipment and training for their Ministry of Interior. We currently work with a number of other foreign governments with similar programs for their law enforcement & intelligence agencies.

We have assisted the governments of Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Australia, Chile, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada, Togo, Venezuela and Yugoslavia with Counter narcotics, Counterterrorism, VIP Protection, Countermeasures and Intelligence Operations Support, Equipment and Training.

Assisted a South American government with the arrest and conviction of a 10 year fugitive involved in hundreds of acts of terrorism and over 1,000 murders.

Assisted an African President with locating an illegally run propaganda radio station that was disrupting his administration's ability to effectively carry out his oath of office.

We have also worked with the following companies:

  • Shenkman Kushner SK Properties
  • Liberty National PGA Golf Tournament
  • Holiday Inn - Ocean Hospitalities
  • Akzo-Nobel, International, Organon Pharmaceuticals
  • Pricewaterhouse
  • ADP

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